Gender & Engineering

A graduate level class, Gender and Engineering, taught by Bonita Banducci, President of Banducci Consulting, is causing break-throughs in self-awareness for participants who learn to understand how the different cultural lenses, paradigms, and competencies held by men and women affect the engineering workplace and personal relationships.

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Calling Out Brilliance of Women

Women (and often organizations) don’t recognize, reward and call out their own brilliance in moving their people and organizations ahead. That’s because women mistake their brilliance for “common sense.” It’s time for you to change that misperception and make sure that both you and those in your organization recognize the contribution you’re making.

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Planet 50-50

“What is the contribution women make that could be
the strategic advantage in the global marketplace?”

The UN Women Project Planet 50/50 has given a new meaning to representation of men and women at every decision making table.

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