Planet 50-50

"The UN Women Project Planet 50/50 has given a new meaning to what I have been envisioning since our early research into:
“What is the contribution women make that could be the strategic advantage in the global marketplace?”

50/50 representation of men and women at every decision-making table as the means for reaching the UN Sustainable Developing Goals by 2030, has: transformed “strategic advantage” for competition, to “partnership” for the greater good of all given specific measurable objectives within the 17 broad goals."

- Bonita Banducci, Founder & President


WOMEN’S ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT IN THE CHANGING WORLD OF WORK called out for our Gender Competence® work in it’s expressions of:

o   Calling Out the Brilliance of Women and the Greatness of Men in Partnership to increase innovation, productivity, promotability and bottom line results in all workplaces.

o   Gender and Engineering which is taught at the Santa Clara University Graduate School of Engineering as an Engineering and Society Core Course.

Our team demonstrated how Gender Competence can make a significant difference in all sectors.