Women are confronted with two challenges in creating their own success.

The first is that the most successful, highly rewarded people in most organizations are:

  • Priority-driven decision-makers: who, at high speed, address highest priority problems with highest priority solutions, and
  • Firefighters: who swiftly and boldly attack the emergencies that arise as a result, and
  • Customer-focused experts: who, according to them, know exactly “what is best for the customer?”

all of whom have communication styles that reflect that speed, linearity and directiveness, which are typically “male” behaviors.

The second challenge is that women don’t recognize, reward and call out their own brilliance in moving their people and organizations ahead. That’s because women mistake their brilliance for “common sense.”

It isn’t! And, it’s time for you to change that misperception and make sure that both you and those in your organization recognize the contribution you’re making.

All it takes is:

  • A recognition of the many and various ways that you mistakenly perceive your brilliance as “common sense”
  • An understanding of how to present your “Gender Competence” for the value it brings–speaking about your unique “competencies” such as:
    • Connecting the Dots, High Context, Systems Thinking
    • Fire Preventor
    • Get-into-the-customers-shoes Customer Focus
  • The courage to change your and your organization’s perceptions of the value your competencies and communication style bring.

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