The UN Women Project Planet 50/50

has given new meaning to what I have been envisioning since our early research
“What is the contribution women make that could be
the strategic advantage in the global marketplace?”
50/50 representation of men and women at every decision-making
table as the means for reaching the UN Sustainable Developing
Goals by 2030, has:

transformed “strategic advantage” for competition, to “partnership”
for the greater good of all given specific measurable objectives
within the 17 broad goals.

Interfaced the goals so they are not “silos” but rather a whole
system with Achieve gender equality and empower all women and

A WORLD OF INNOVATION has been my “Grand Finale” slide since my
earliest presentations and classes –A vision of what the world could be
like with full partnership of men and women and all cultures, bringing
the value of their Individualistic and Relational competencies to the
decision-making tables around the world.
It is abstract.
In words it represents: Men and Women in Partnership Creating a
World of Peace Prosperity and Partnership, in Harmony with Nature.

Individualistic - relational


I soon learned that I had to bring the Grand Finale Slide “up front” in my presentations, so more Individualistic people who needed me to “get to the point” can know where I am going from the start.


The Planet 50/50 and the UN Sustainable Development Goals are much more “to the point.”


What an extraordinary fulfillment of the vision!



Called out for our Gender Competence® work in it’s expressions of

o   Calling Out the Brilliance of Women and the Greatness of Men in Partnership to increase innovation, productivity, promotability and bottom line results in all workplaces.

o   Gender and Engineering which is taught at the Santa Clara University Graduate School of Engineering as an Engineering and Society Core Course.

Our team demonstrated how Gender Competence can make a significant difference in all sectors with specific representation of:

Engineering and STEM Leadership with Bonita Banducci Lecturer at Santa Clara University’s Graduate School of Engineering for increasing and retaining women in STEM fields and increasing innovation, productivity, promotability of both men and women who become effective managing differences, and bottom line results in Tech organizations as in Silicon Valley Tech Companies and Engineering Education

Non-Profit Executive Leadership with Jacqueline Janssen, Commissioner on the Marin County Women’s Commission and CEO of Janssen & Associates Recruiting for the socially Conscious NGO organizations in Marin and San Francisco Counties in California who sees Gender Competence as an resource for more effective partnership of NGO Executive Directors with diverse community leaders.

Government Services  with Frank Del Fiugo, MA, LMFT, founder of A Turning Point Counseling and Del Fiugo Consulting Services, who has served on the Santa Clara County Domestic Violence Council who uses Gender Competence for Educating Domestic Violence offenders provide ability to have empathy that would reduce resorting to violence.

Peace Making Molly Freeman works with Intra and Inter-group dialogue and Political Advocacy such as with Women Wage Peace in Israel and other groups for Israeli-Palestinian diplomacy for a Two State resolution
International NGO use for training of staff and clients Abha Singhvi board member of Arati for Girls, in India, sees the value for of the training for the NGO’s purpose of women’s empowerment and ending female infanticides

Our presentation resulted in our own learning of the interest in incorporating our work for and with:
International Labor Organization who is expanding family health leave to include recovery from domestic violence.
Our Gender Competence workshop can be promoted as increasing innovation, productivity, promotability and bottom line results.  Without having to promote the remedial benefit, the workshop will at the same time have a significant impact on reducing domestic violence.

The Hunger Project pioneered 50/50 representation of men and women at every decision-making table in their projects around the world.  Representatives saw the value of Gender Competence for their staff and communities.
Non-binary gender person sees Gender Competence, with the use of Individualistic and Relational (rather than Masculine and Feminine ) competencies, across a spectrum of differences as useful and inclusive for people who see themselves as non-binary.
Cities implementing CEDAW Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women are great partners for implementing Gender Competence in local government agencies.